Mazda CX 9 2019 details, Specs and Price

Thursday, October 18th, 2018 - Mazda
Mazda Cx 9 2019

The compact zoom mode at the intersection of the display is not easy, but Mazda does so using the CX-9. They provide a great deal of driving pleasure thanks to a sturdy structure, transport, and a powerful turbocharged engine. But there are concessions: the shipping room and third-row space is not dignified. Her cabin wears in the above materials and features. Automatic braking and emergency adaptive speed control are standard on all but the sport trim base.

First, there is a new degree in the model, bringing the total to five, with the addition of Azami LE. The more compact mazda cx 9 2019 will provide the beauty of the Napa skin, the real wood fillings, and the sense of quality that Mazda will get at affordable prices – from $ 66,490 before road costs.

From a technical perspective, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available at all levels, and although the information and entertainment system is important, security additions are the most noteworthy. On this note, Mazda has added a full range of safety technologies as standard equipment across the entire mazda cx 9 2019 range.

Inside the cabin, adding Apple CarPlay and Android Auto does not change the appearance of the system itself, but makes the mazda cx 9 2019 Connect information and entertainment system more in line with departmental leaders. The way the smartphone interface inside the MZD works is easy enough, and I found that CarPlay worked smoothly during the period I spent with the CX-9 at launch. The MZD is certainly worth updating now, and although it is still an easy to use system, it feels old in appearance.

The 2.5 liter turbocharged petrol engine has not changed from the previous model, and it certainly feels enough in a large SUV, providing 170kW and 420nm. Peak power is delivered at 5000 rpm, so the engine enjoys acceleration, as we expected from any Mazda product. On our energetic launch engine in long sections of the country’s 100 km / h road, we saw a fuel rate of 9.5 liters / 100 km. Stop / start is relatively unusual, and we’ll report it when we get some time behind the wheel of continuous traffic.

The six-speed automatic transmission is also smooth. Regardless of whether you lean on the gorge pedal or sail more quickly and relaxed, the transformations will be smooth and accurate. Mazda estimates that it combines the smoothness of traditional automatic and DSG accuracy. I will claim that again it makes a solid case of automatic retention, especially in platforms that do not need to change the sharp and mathematical blade.

The price starts at $ 44,990 plus the cost of the front-wheel drive (+ 1100 USD), and the package is now standardized with the full range of Mazda’s i-Activesense driving assistance technologies, including Adaptive Cruise Control with stop and move function, assist the lanes, identify traffic lights and show high automatic beam.

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