2019 Skoda Pickup Truck engine, exterior, interior, release date and price

Tuesday, November 20th, 2018 - Skoda
2019 Skoda Pickup Uk

We are now talking about Skoda. It may seem surprising, but after the great success of a medium-sized Kodiaq SUV, the brand is more focused, and the pickup truck may be the next step for the brand. A brand member of the brand recently said that the company sees the pickup truck as a great opportunity but not expecting it any time soon. However, speculation has already emerged about the shape and design of the Skoda pickup truck. We give you an idea of ​​the 2019 Skoda Pickup Truck.

2019 Skoda Pickup Truck engine

Like the Kodiaq SUV, the new 2019 Skoda Pickup Truck will come with a few engine options. Two petrol engines will see a 1.4-liter TSI engine with a capacity of 4 liters and a 4-cylinder TSI with a capacity of 2.0 liters. The smaller will provide 140 horsepower while the larger can produce up to 180 horsepower. The truck with the highest expectations should be those that contain a diesel generation kit. This model will be a 2.0 liter TDI engine under the hood. The weaker option will produce 150 hp while the strongest force will achieve about 190 hp. This model will also have a respectable pull force. All engines must be combined with seven-speed DSG transmission and the drive will be delivered to all wheels.

2019 Skoda Pickup Truck interior

The interior of the 2019 Skoda Pickup Truck will also use the same prescription as the brand new four-wheel drive. If Skoda offers a pickup, it is likely to come with a four-door cabins just like the current Amarok, so it will provide great interior comfort.

For the available equipment, the truck will simulate the Kodiaq SUV. The pickup will provide a modern information and entertainment system with smart phone compatibility, a large central screen, as well as comfort and luxury features like other class members. The model will also include several active safety systems used in all Skoda models.

2019 Skoda Pickup Truck exterior

If Skoda decides to use a small truck version, you will probably not design it from the ground up. As with the Mercedes, it is based on the promotion of the X-Class Navarra, such as the Kodiaq SUV platform that utilizes the VW platform, and Skoda is likely to reduce the development process and cost with the primary use of VW’s Amarok. Amarok has recently been updated and offers one of the best options in the medium-sized segment.

On the other hand, if the Skoda truck appears as a Skoda Pickup 2019, it will certainly use the same design language as the mid-sized sports cars and brand-name cars. So, on top of the Amarok platform, the Skoda will have the front styling similar to the Kodiaq SUV, including grids and headlamps. The lateral body sculpting will be similar to the brand’s mid-size SUV. The rear side will produce a medium-sized cargo bed and the truck is likely to use a four-door cabin design.

2019 Skoda Pickup Truck release date and price

Skoda Pickup Truck will be priced at less than VW Amarok. This, along with German technology, will help this model enter the EU truck market very quickly, and the diesel-powered engine can be a very dangerous competitor to US territory. Serial production can not be expected in the next two years, but the concept may be presented at some major car shows next year.

2019 Skoda Pickup Tailgate

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