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2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude Gas Mileage

In addition to Trailhawk, the Cherokee Jeep offers 2019 jeep cherokee latitude , Latitude Plus, Limited and Overland.

The new Cherokee looks away from the six-eyed eccentric appearance of the previous model and brings the lighting together where it is supposed to be. Headlamps are now LED lamps with compact daytime running lights, fog lights are located at the bottom. The front end is quite different from the Grand Cherokee to look distinctive, but the family looks like it. However, the rest of the body is somewhat general.

Inside, cherokee is attractive and practical but lacks space for competitors. Internal color options are named after odd places, and the Jeep is updated with entertainment system with the fastest processors, the largest 7.0-inch touch-screen base models, the Apple CarPlay standard and the Android auto.

The rear seat moves forward to six inches, but moves it completely to a small cargo area. The pocket is carved out of a little space there by expanding the cargo compartment, but at 54.9 cubic feet with the rear seats down, it’s at least 15 cubic feet wider than the smaller competitors. The Cherokee is not as wide as some competitors, so passengers will not have much elbow space.

The Cherokee two, both in the popular latitude plus the lower level 2019 jeep cherokee latitude, have one proven 3.2-liter V-6 in the rare sector, and the other with the new dual-scroll turbo 2.0-liter four. (The engine base is a 2.4-liter SOHC engine that makes 180 hp and 170 lb-ft). Each vehicle is equipped with the latest Jeep I-system engine with all-wheel-drive and 17-inch wheels and tires. Turbo 2.0-liter V-6 tracks by one horse (270 horsepower at 5250 rpm, compared to 271 horsepower at 6500) but outside torque is naturally greater than six inhale by 56 lb-ft (295 vs. 239). Official fuel economy estimates for EPA are still pending, but Jeep claims the 2.0-liter turbo ($ 500 option over the Latitude V6 models) consumes less fuel. As it turns out, Pocket Trailhawk models equipped with a 2.0-liter weighs 10 million pounds more than the Trailhawks-powered V-6, which in turn weighs 100 pounds less than last year’s version.

Pocket claims that the 2.0-liter performance is better than the V-6 claim. This feature is a massive torque and shorter proportion of the final mounting drive specialized to support but we can not confirm it until we get one to our testing track. Based on its internal tests, Jeep confirms that the turbo four will achieve a feature of 0.5 seconds on six from zero to 60 miles per hour; the best time we recorded was 6.9 seconds in the V-6 Cherokee Limited SUV. The lack of turbo engine in general personality, sometimes laggy response, draw a slight drawback (4000 pounds versus 4,500 for the V-6) means that no matter how performance and fuel economy the advantages of the four turbocharged over six was better to be large.

The revised dampers, bushings, and anti-roll rods yield seamless ride, at least in the plus-width 4×4 models we traveled with comments 17-inch wheels and 225/17 65R Firestone LE2 destination tires. We can not talk about limited models and barra with 18- and 19-inch rolling and low-profile tires, but with new, lighter steering devices to help electrically, the new Cherokee seems to lose some of the precision we’ve noticed in previous tests. We do not mind more guidance, but few transitions and SUVs offer much of that. Apparently all the feeling of the brake pedal was preserved, which is superbly progressive, making the driver stop with as smooth as possible all at once.

In an off-road course in the Santa Monica Mountains, however, we were reminded of the capabilities of the Cherokee Trail Hawk. With its 1.0-inch suspension suspension plant and all terrain tires, the all-wheel-drive engine lock system is active with a differential differential lock, Trailhawk equipped with V-6 made easy work of extremely difficult obstacles. Particularly impressive is the SELEC speed control system, which keeps the vehicle moving at a steady pace at speeds as low as 0.6 miles per hour, until it reaches a steep, rocky, rocky slope and even when a wheel or two is not in contact with anything.

The price of the front-wheel-drive 2019 jeep cherokee latitude starts at $ 25,190, less than $ 400 before, with the Latitude plus models starting at $ 27,690 and models limited at $ 31,570. The Jeep SUV’s active four-wheel drive is a $ 1500 upgrade on all converged levels, and on Limited Limited, the V-6 also comes with a 3.2-liter engine. The V-6 is also standard in Overland, which starts at $ 37,440. The Active Drive II and the Selec-Speed ​​Control are available on all models except the Latitude base for $ 1205 on the Active Drive I system. Trailhawk, with the Active Directory engine lock system (and V-6 engine), costs $ 34,515.

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